Oye Vey (fatskinnybitch) wrote,
Oye Vey

I started...

...yoga last night. I went to Borders and bought YogaBurn (DVD). It was awesome, especially as I have never done Yoga before. Some of the positions were hard to do, but that's because my body isn't used to bending and twisting certian ways. With regular practice, I should become more flexible/limber and be able to easily get into those positions.

I am now just waiting for my AM/PM Yoga DVD to arrive. Both workouts are about 20-25 minutes each, which I'm happy about. That's something I can do everyday. My YogaBurn is about 50-55 minutes long, so I'll do that twice a week.

In the next few weeks, after I practice the yoga more at home, I'm going to swing by the Yoga Center in Palo Alto on Wednesday nights and do their Level 1 class. In the mean time, I shall stick to my DVDs and going for walks/jogs (when feasible) and weight training.
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That sounds like an awesome plan.

My gym FINALLY opened up. I signed up before it was built last year. It was supposed to open in April of 2005 but just opened last week. Damn. I am going for the first time today to check it out. I got some new workout shoes on sale last night! How lame that I am that excited about it. Let me know how your routine goes.
YAY for the gym finally opening!

I just got my period today, so I'm going to stick to the AM/PM DVD, which came in the mail yesterday. Tonight is the first time I'm going to try it.

My other DVD rocks. But, I need to do it for a couple weeks to really make a valued judgement. But, I'll keep you posted...